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Take advantage of my experienced services to improve your life according to your needs.



I help people who face career change and retirement, as well as those concerned with mental health issues.

Coaching takes the form of conversations lasting 45-60 minutes each.

It is advantageous to do it as a program consisting of 4-6 sessions.

In career coaching a person sets up goals to achieve a desired

In case of retirement a different approach is necessary as retirement is often associated with the loss of identity and purpose. The Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is particularly appropriate here.

If the client wants to change a particular thought procession which he or she might be stuck in or complain of being limited in their life, I can change it using attainable steps in an achievable time frame and make these actions specific, measurable, and realistic.

Before staring any form of coaching, I always start with 30 minutes long ‘discovery’ call to ensure an appropriate connection with the client.

Costs: £70 per session or £300 for the entire coaching program.

Coaching is helping people grow without telling them what to do.



I help clients to:

  • remove phobias, fears and anxiety
  • improve sleeping patterns in insomnia
  • deal with stress, depression and effects of trauma (PTSD)
  • get rid of unwanted habits like smoking, alcohol misuse, drug use
  • achieve a desired weight
  • get rid of IBS
  • improve motivation, concentration and self-confidence
Sessions take place online

Sessions take place online (it has been proven that hypnotherapy is as effective as it is in person).

Sessions take approximately 45-60 minutes.

In some cases like the weight management, IBS, smoking and substance misuse usually 4-6 appointments are necessary.

Prior to the therapy, a free of charge meeting takes place to explain hypnotherapy and how it works. It also allows me to familiarise with the client’s problem.

Costs: £70 per session or £200 when more than one is required.


No matter what aspects of your life you want to improve, I will be able to help.